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The most common landlord-tenant issue evolves around 3-day notices and evictions. A 3-day notice is the first step in the eviction process. A landlord must provide the tenant with a written 3-day notice and if the tenant does not oblige to the terms of the notice, the landlord has the right to file an unlawful detainer case in court.

If you have found yourself served a 3-day notice we recommend you immediately contact an attorney to help defend yourself and fight for your right to stay, if desired. If you do not desire to stay, an attorney can still assist with helping to ensure your rights are protected and that your losses or damages are mitigated.
A 3-day notice can be given for a variety of reasons and commonly referred to having different names:

  • 3-Day notice to quit
  • 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit
  • 3-Day Notice to Perform Covenants or Quit

The above are all different notices that can be served on a tenant in which the tenant must abide by. The first is a 3-day notice to quit and can be used for a variety of purposes. A landlord may serve a 3-Day Notice to quit for a tenant who elicits illegal activity, threatens the health and safety of other tenants or the public, subleases without permission or even commits damage that lowers the value of the property. Although there may be more reasons these are the most common.

A 3-Day Notice to pay or quit is a notice that provides the tenant with one last opportunity to pay rent that is already past due to the landlord. The notice has specific requirements in order to be valid, and if you are served a 3-Day notice to pay or quit we recommend you contact an attorney to first ensure the validity of the notice.

A 3-Day Notice to Perform Covenants or Quit is served upon a tenant that may be violating lease terms or conditions. Typically these are for tenants whom are not keeping a clean premises, or violating other terms of the agreement.

Additionally, there are other types of notices in which a landlord may serve on a tenant. Those include but are not limited to the following:

  • 30-Day Notice to Quit
  • 60-Day Notice to Quit
  • 90-Day Notice to Quit

A tenant whom has been served any sort of notice to quit by a landlord should contact an attorney to fight for their rights. The eviction process can be difficult and has many complicated and time sensitive regulations and deadlines imposed. Contact the knowledgeable attorneys at the Law Offices of Bowman and Associates to help you fight for your rights.

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