Care Facility Infestations

Do you have a loved one in a care facility? Have they suffered from red mosquito like bites on their skin? You may want to ensure they are not bed bugs bites. A common location for bed bugs, aside from hotels and motels are care facilities. Care facilities are known for having numerous individuals in and out of the facility without real knowledge as to whether or not bed bugs have been transported in.

However, when notified care facilities have a duty to protect their clients and staff from infestations and may be held liable for their negligence if not treated properly. Bed bugs are difficult to treat and rid of. At care facilities management should ensure that all rooms are inspected, treated, and have documentation from a pest control company that their facility is free of any infestations.

Care facilities can become negligent when failing to ensure all bedding are properly treated, not informing clients or guests, and not properly treating the affected areas and the areas around the infestation.

Bed bug bites while in a care facility can be dangerous and cause serious injury or death. Depending on the immune system of the victim, bed bug bites can cause an increase in stress, itchiness, and even cause blistering which leads to bleeding.

As a victim there are some critical steps you should take to help prove your case. Here are just some of the most important tasks to follow as a bed bug victim:

  • Immediately report the incident to management
  • Take Pictures of room, bed bugs and bites
  • Consult with a medical professional and get a written diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Place all clothing in a separate trash bag (or similar), or leave behind
  • Have all clothing professionally washed
  • Treat all personal belongings including pillows, suitcases, clothing, hair and furniture
  • Save all receipts
  • Place all affected property in a cool, dry, light place
  • Contact an attorney

We have helped our clients recover from bed bug bites and are used to working with management, insurance companies and property management companies to help you recover.

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