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Child Day Care and School Infestations

When one thinks of child day care and schools they usually don’t think of bed bug infestations, but are more apt to think of head lice infestations.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to bed bug bites at a child care facility or a school, we recommend you contact an attorney to help protect your rights. Bed bugs are known to live in dark and warm places. Child care facilities and schools can be a breeding ground of bed bugs for just that reason. Additionally, there are a lot of people and the bed bugs can travel very easily.

If a child care facility or school has knowledge of the infestation it is important that they do not breach their duty and take the necessary steps to properly treat the infestation.

Additionally, bed bug bites on children can have a lasting and in some cases permanent scarring and traumatization.

We have helped our clients recover from bed bug bites and are used to working with management, insurance companies and property management companies to help you recover.

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