Furniture Rental Infestation

Have you rented furniture and soon thereafter began noticing red mosquito like bites on you? If so, you have probably suffered from bed bug bites. Bed bugs are little parasitic insects that live in dark warm places. One of the most common locations is inside mattresses, where they can live for 8-10 months on average.

If you have had to rent furniture and ended up as a victim of bed bug bites, you are entitled to compensation for your losses and damages, as well as treatment. Bed bugs, when present will move and live in any area they find comfortable for them. Typically, bed bugs will move from the mattress, into bedding, clothing, carpeting, electronics, and even furniture (including dresser drawers).

If you have found yourself suffering from bed bug bites due to rented or leased furniture contact an attorney immediately to fight for your rights.

Furniture rental companies have a duty to ensure that all furniture is delivered pest free. Additionally, they have a duty to ensure that the storage facilities in which the furniture is located and stored, is also pest free.

As a victim there are some critical steps you should take to help prove your case. Here are just some of the most important tasks to follow as a bed bug victim:

  • Immediately report the incident to management
  • Take Pictures of room, bed bugs and bites
  • Consult with a medical professional and get a written diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Place all clothing in a separate trash bag (or similar), or leave behind
  • Have all clothing professionally washed and do not take affected clothing home
  • Treat all personal belongings including pillows, suitcases, clothing, hair and furniture>
  • Save all receipts
  • Place all affected property in a cool, dry, light place
  • Contact an attorney

We have helped our clients recover from bed bug bites and are used to working with management, insurance companies and property management companies to help you recover.

Our knowledgeable staff are here to assist you in a time of need. Our attorneys are experienced and have a sense of care and concern when it comes to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our largest goal, and we strive to provide the highest level of service at all times. Contact us today for your free consultation.