Public Transportation Infestations

Typically when one thinks of bed bug bites they think of hotels and motels. Although not common in the Sacramento region, there are cases of public transportation infestations. These types of infestations can be hard to prove and difficult to fight. Public transportation infestations are had to prove that the company was negligent, or that the bed bugs were a result of the negligence of the owner in a public transportation setting.

However, there are cases when one has received bed bug bites while on public transportation and the infestation was due to the negligence of the owner. When one makes a complaint of bed bugs, or any infestation for that matter, the owner has a duty to ensure their transportation system is free of pests. If there is an infestation the company had a duty to treat that infestation as well.

If you believe that you have suffered from bed bug bites on public transportation and that the infestation was made aware to the company, contact an attorney to help fight for your rights to recover for your damages and losses.

We have helped our clients recover from bed bug bites and are used to working with management, insurance companies and property management companies to help you recover.

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