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What To Do When You Know You’re In Debt

So you’re in debt. But what do all of these numbers mean? Do you know exactly how your credit score is calculated, and can you explain how your late fees are calculated on your latest unpaid bill? For the banks and the credit card companies, the legal proceedings after you start to miss payments are [...]

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Bowman and Associates Ranked #1 Debt Negotiator Agency

This year’s Best Debt Negotiator list by was topped by Bowman and Associates, who came first out of agencies from around the country for the #1 spot. The well-reputed website is dedicated to guiding those who need it to the best agencies and firms around the country to help them with their debt. [...]

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West Sacramento Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy law is about getting a fresh financial start. It is not about “failure” or “fault.” Bankruptcy law is a balancing of the interests of debtors and creditors, with the underlying policy of allowing for payment to creditors of what the debtor can reasonably afford to pay after necessary living expenses (Chapter 13) or of [...]

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Modesto Debt Collection Abuse Law Firm

There are many laws in place to protect American consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which was enacted in September 1977 and went into effect in 1978. The FDCPA was created to prevent deceptive and abusive tactics by debt collectors. Debt collector and creditor harassment are [...]

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Consumers may soon have greater protection against collectors

As more Americans fall behind on bill payments, more are receiving collection calls. At the same time, more people are filing complaints against the industry and those complaints are being heard. The Federal Trade Commission received 140,036 complaints against debt collectors in 2010. That’s up 17 percent from 2009. Dick Eppstein with the Better Business Bureau [...]

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Court to Debt Collectors: Stay Off Facebook

A lawsuit filed in Pinelas Circuit Court claims that Jacksonville, Fla.-based MarkOne Financial representatives emailed, texted, and called the residence, cell phone and workplace of Melanie Beacham nearly 23 times a day, looking to collect a debt after the St. Petersburg woman fell behind in her car payments. Unable to contact her, the collection firm [...]

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Ex-police inspector: Hiring legbreakers 'the biggest mistake of my life'

An FBI informant told former Philadelphia Police Inspector Daniel Castro in September that debt collectors were frustrated trying to recover a $90,000 debt Castro was owed by a businessman. The debt collectors wanted to “rough up” the man, but they needed Castro’s approval, the informant told him. “I never told my mom this before. I [...]

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Debt Collector Harassment

If you fall behind on your bills, or an error is made on your accounts, you may be contacted by a “debt collector.” The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires that debt collectors treat you fairly by prohibiting certain methods of debt collection. Unfortunately, not all debt collectors believe that these laws really apply [...]

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