Sacramento DVRO Attorney

We receive many questions on the effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the effects that it has on potential victims domestic violence case.

Victims generally want to know if the law will still protect them from domestic violence during this troubling time. We wanted to take the time to address frequently asked questions that we getting from our clients in the community. We are still here to successfully and aggressively advocate for the victims of domestic violence or the victims of false abuse claims during these troubling times.

I have heard that the Courts have temporarily shut down, is this true?

Partially. Most Courts partially shut down during the coronavirus epidemic, but all of them remain open for family law restraining orders and family law emergency orders involving children. The Court is clear that their doors open to the victims of domestic violence. Victims will always aggressively protected.

Can I still file a domestic violence restraining order given the Court’s temporary shut down?

Yes, you can. All the local Courts in the greater Sacramento area remain open for applications on domestic violence restraining orders. Domestic violence restraining orders can also be used to seek full custody of your children, to remove a violent co-habitant from your home or other protections.

Is the procedure different than before?

The procedure has drastically changed. Domestic Violence restraining orders are no longer available from the self-help center and special rules now apply for filing a restraining order. You need to be sure to speak to a licensed California attorney that is familiar with the procedures of filing a restraining order during this coronavirus epidemic.

How Quickly Will it Take to get a Decision?

Our firm can obtain a decision on a restraining order on the same day that it is filed. We take restraining order cases very seriously.

My spouse/significant other has not physically abused me but has verbally and mentally abused me, can I get a restraining order?

Not all abuse is physical. Emotional abuse, chronic verbal abuse, stalking, and other types of abuse hurts just as much as physical violence. Domestic violence is broadly defined by the law and includes non-physical abuse.

When will the Courts be Open?

The Court is open now for your restraining order petition.
For all other matters it will vary County by County and the information changes every day. The current tentative days that Courts will open for all family law matters as follows (but these dates are subject to change).
Sacramento County – March 30, 2020
Yolo County – April 1, 2020
Placer County – March 30, 2020
El Dorado County – April 17, 2020
San Joaquin County – April 3, 2020

These re-opening dates seem to conflict with the Governor’s recent stay at home order. It is anticipated that most Courts will change their procedures in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to talk to a licensed attorney to ensure that you are complying with the updated Court procedures.

If you have any questions on your potential domestic violence case feel free to give our attorneys a call at 916-923-2800. Our offices are still open and ready to resolve your restraining order issue.