Domestic Violence Restraining Order


A domestic violence restraining order is one of the most common types of restraining orders in California. A domestic violence restraining order (often referred to as a DVRO) is an order protecting someone from one whom you have a close relationship with and who is abusive. Most DVRO’s have direction as to what the person protected against can and cannot do to the protected person, including a distance that person must remain from the protected party.

When law enforcement arrive at a call for domestic violence, they will typically issue an emergency protective order. This is an order that becomes effective immediately upon approval from the judge and service on the person protected against, and allows for protection for the victim until a judge can hear and approve a domestic violence restraining order.

Restraining orders have a significant amount of power for the victim, should the order be violated. Law enforcement take restraining orders very seriously. One who violates a restraining order should be held liable for such offense.

Additionally, there are numerous repercussions of having a restraining order for both the one protected and the one the order is protecting against. In order to ensure this is the best way to proceed to protect oneself, contact the Law Offices of Bowman and Associates for a consultation and to determine the best approach to ensure protection for oneself.

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