Sacramento Commercial Auto Accident Attorney


Auto accidents are a common occurrence in today’s society and one that comes with a lot of injury, stress and liability.

In some situations people are faced with being involved in an auto accident, not with an ordinary citizen, but with a commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle includes vehicles registered to businesses or government entities. When one is involved in an auto accident involving a commercial vehicle, there are more hurdles to jump through in order to resolve your claim. Additionally, there is more paperwork and reports required in order to complete a thorough investigation on behalf of the company or government agency.

Those involved in a commercial auto accident should consult with an attorney at their earliest convenience. Business and government entities will almost immediately turn the claim and information over to their insurance for further handling. This can cause a laborious and cumbersome process for the individual involved. IN order to ensure your rights the Law Offices of Bowman and Associates recommends you contact an attorney to help you through this process. Handling a claim involving a business or government is always more difficult than handling that of an individual.

If you have been injured, or your vehicle has been damaged or totaled as a result of a commercial auto accident contact us today to learn how our experienced attorneys can assist you with your claim and your case.

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