Spousal Support

Sacramento Spousal Support Attorney

In the state of California, spousal support, or alimony, is highly fact-driven. Based on factors including the length of marriage and the standard of living during the time of the marriage, the Sacramento court can decide to award temporary or permanent spousal support to one party. Alternatively, the parties may choose to negotiate a settlement [...]

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In what form should I make my child support or alimony payment?

Sacramento divorce attorneys are often asked about the form in which child support and/or alimony payments should be made (i.e. cash, check, money order). Obviously, if the order for support specifies the form in which the payments are to be made, then the payor is obligated to make the payments in that format. Often, however, [...]

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A New Wrinkle to the "Gavron Warning"

When a husband and wife are married for 10 years or longer, the California Family Code provides a built-in presumption that this is a marriage of “long duration.” This classification is important in divorce proceedings, as it commonly entitles one spouse to receive permanent spousal support, as opposed to support that will terminate on a [...]

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Divorce Law Basics From an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce isn’t always as simple as many people imagine. For some, a divorce is their first exposure with the court system. For others, negotiating the division of assets, child custody, spousal support and other factors can be handled outside the court system. that said, it’s important to note that divorce laws can vary [...]

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